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Yao Medicine

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Yao Medicine
Yao Medicine

Residing in the southern mountain area of China, the Yao ethnic group boasts a long history and rich culture. During their long-term production and laboring practices, the Yao people have accumulated rich experience in preventing and treating diseases with herbal drugs and developed their distinctive Yao medicine.

The Yao people have adopted various methods and techniques in treating diseases with their own characteristics. They consider that the five internal organs, qi and blood in human body all have close relationship with the generation and development of diseases, besides other causes such as wind, weather, insects, poison, food and traumas. Based on that cognition, they have summed up multiple diagnostic methods such as the commonly used nail, palm, tongue, ear and face inspection besides diagnosis through observing, listening, asking and touching. They have also treated diseases involving the medical and surgical departments, department of gynecology, department of pediatrics as well as dermatology and neurology departments. Many therapeutic treatments have been proven to be very effective.

The Yao doctors are accomplished in both medical practice and drug making. Therefore, ever since the ancient times, the Yao doctors have undertaken the jobs of diagnosis and drug picking, processing and distribution.

The Yao doctors put a premium on the study of disease treatment as well as preventive medicine. They have realized very early that some diseases are contagious, so that effective measures such as eating alone with separate dishes should be adopted.


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