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Five Beans Help Five Organs

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Five beans help five internal organs
Five beans help five internal organs

There is a famous folk saying that "Eat beans 15g every day, no need to take medicine any more". That is to say, soy food can not only keep people far away from diseases, but also help to cure some diseases. Our traditional food and drink is particular over "grains to raise, beans indispensable" which means grains are nourishing but balance will be lost if lack of beans. Modern nutriology also proves that two-week continuous intake of soy food will help to reduce the fat content, improve the immunity and lower down the disease rate. Might as well, let’s find out the functions of the five coloured beans respectively and then take whatever necessary accordingly.

Red beans strengthen the heart: Containing many dietary fibers, red beans is useful in relaxing bowel, dropping blood pressure and blood-fat, adjusting blood sugar, detoxification and anticancer, preventing lithiasis, building body and losing weight. They also have functions in diuresis, anti-inebriation, detoxification and can do something to help for heart disease, nephropathy and edema.

Green beans tonify the liver: Being sweet in taste and cold in nature, green beans are the often food for clearing away heat and toxic material. They help to excrete toxins and promotes normal organism metabolism. Besides, they can lower down cholesterol, protect the liver and anti-allergic. Adding some honey into green beans soup will make it better in elimination of toxicant.

Yellow beans reinforce the spleen: Being rich in saponin, yellow beans can stimulate the secretion of cholic acid that digests fat, which promotes digest absorb. The color of yellow bean is the same as spleen that can strengthen the spleen, tonify Qi and delay the process of decrepitude by regular eating as food. They are advisable for those who are pale and weak.

White beans tonify the lung: Containing saponin, urease and multiple globulin, white beans can improve the immunity, activate the lymph T cells and promote the synthesis of DNA. They are useful in preventing respiratory disease from breaking out and relapsing.

Black beans improve the kidney: Being rich in oxidation resistance content such as isoflavone and anthocyanin that are good antioxidant, black beans can help kidney eliminate toxin. They have obvious functions of benefiting kidney, invigorating blood circulation, strengthening the muscles and bones and improving acuity of vision.


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